Hey all! This is ilovefazza, a new blog dedicated to the greatest man of this era- HH Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. Why? Because he is so kind, awesomely cool, I like poems & he is great at poems (the structure and the flow of his poems are divine and exquisite :*). He is talented (with all that sky diving, horse riding, etc, etc) and yeah!! He loves kids! That scores A LOT of points from me :)
The drawings and paintings that I post on this blog are mine. Yes, I draw Fazza and a few others, mostly Fazza, during the very little free time I get from my pretty much busy schedule studying for my Advanced Level. Physics and further maths can be very exhausting, sometimes o_O
Anyway, have fun and be safe, guys! Mwaaa, may peace and coconuts be upon u all =D Cheers! M.